Students distributed this flyer to introduce the project to the community.

Welcome to Eastside Foodways, an MSU History Harvest project. During spring semester 2019 students in Michigan State University’s History Harvest class studied Lansing’s historical and diverse Eastside neighborhood. The focus on "foodways" includes cooking, gardening, agriculture, restaurants, and community centers that are part of culinary or agricultural life. 

The class conducted oral history interviews about how food affects people’s daily lives or family traditions and how food reflects cultural significance in this neighborhood. Students also collected objects and artifacts that help tell stories about Lansing's Eastside, its residents, and their traditions. These objects and interviews have been organized into stories and galleries to create the Eastside Foodways project.

History Harvest is a national program that seeks to highlight and share the histories all around us that are often left out of the historical record. History Harvest students collaborate with community members to make these invisible histories visible. The program connects undergraduate students (primarily those in History and Museum Studies) with community members to share histories, family heirlooms, and objects that are representative of their histories and cultures.


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